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New Hours Coming September 1st!

A big thank you to everyone who filled out our survey - we got 80+ responses! Two things were clear: we need to open at 10am, and we need to hold our knit night on Thursdays. Given what the survey told us, along with six months of tracking sales data, these are our new hours starting September 1st:

Monday: 10-6 (Craft Lunch, 12-2) - OPEN LABOR DAY!

Tuesday: Open by Appointment

Wednesday: Open by Appointment

Thursday: 10-8 (Knit Night 6-8)

Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 10-4

Sunday: Open by Appointment

What’s this “Open By Appointment” thing? Lily lives three doors down Main Street and is generally happy to come and let you in if...

- You found an awesome new project and you need yarn or needles so you can start knitting it RIGHT NOW.

- You’re one skein short. Don’t panic!

- You just remembered it’s your mom’s birthday and you need to get her a gift card / kit / project bag.

- Your BFF is in town for a quick visit and wants to check out the store.

We ask that you use our regular hours if you need project or pattern help, or just want to sit and knit. As with most things in life, more advance notice makes it more likely Lily can meet you on the day and time you want.

How do you make an appointment? Text Lily at 617.501.7795. Please DO NOT call the store phone or Lily’s phone - text is the only reliable way to reach her! If you want to make an appointment more than 24 hours in advance, you can also email Lily at .

Friends of Cally, take heart! Cally will be working Mondays 10-1 and Thursdays 10-1. Now you can visit her TWICE during the week to take advantage of her vast store of knitting knowledge.

Check our monthly calendar for extra hours: We’re open for business any time we offer classes, so for example this fall we’ll also be open Wednesdays 2-4pm.

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