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Norwich Knits is closed Monday, 1/23/23, due to snow.


Do you love all things Vermont?  The Green Mountain Yarn Club brings you Vermont-grown yarn every month!   


01/16/23 update:
Please note that we still require masks in the store.  Want to know why?
1) We've got a trifecta of flu, RSV and COVID moving through our community.  2) The store is in a poorly ventilated old building.  3) Few of you breeze through in less than five minutes, and many of you want to put heads together to figure out complicated patterns and stitches. 4) Lily still has that pesky PhD in Immunology.  

When will masks stop being required? Lily continues to watch wastewater data and monitor hospitalization rates.  Anecdotally, there hasn't been a week since Halloween when all three of her kids were virus-free. 

Bottom line: wearing a mask is a small gesture on your part to ensure the health of our most vulnerable populations, which the US as a whole has largely left behind in our collective eagerness to move beyond the pandemic.  


Plan Your Visit

Monday 10-4

Tuesday 10-4

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 10-6  

Friday 10-4

Saturday 10-4  

Sunday Closed

Please note that masks MUST be worn in the store, regardless of your vaccination status. 

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